5 Reasons to Study Abroad

It’s starting to seem like everywhere you turn, there’s someone you know travelling overseas to further their education.

And you’re probably wondering what the whole craze is about studying abroad.

So we’re here to fill you in, we hope that when you’re done reading this, you’ll be asking how soon you can start your application process.

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

  • Experience A Whole New World

Imagine visiting places you’ve never been before, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and taking your tongue palette on a journey of tasty new meals. And the best part? This new world becomes your new home.

You can find tips here on how to interact with people from other cultures.

  • Top Quality Education From World Ranked Schools

Definitely, getting the highest possible quality of education should be top on your list. And by deciding to study abroad, you can broaden your study options & choose from a wide range of world-class universities across various study abroad destinations. 

  • Global Networking & Career Opportunities

In a globalized world, employers value candidates with international education and experience. Imagine what this could do, not only on your CV but in the value you would bring to every table because of your international experiences.  

You get to also meet fellow international students from other countries who would help broaden your scope of knowledge, challenge your perspectives, and develop your global mindset.

  • Discount & Scholarship Opportunities 

Many universities, organisations and even government agencies now provide great offers to international students to assist them study abroad. Even during your programme, you’ll discover many opportunities that would open up to you at cheaper rates simply because of you’re a student and can enjoy student discounts.

  • Because You Can!

There’s nothing as great as knowing that you saw an amazing opportunity and you took it! So, take this chance to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and into your competence zone.

Because we believe that if you can study abroad, then you can do anything! 


Achieve Excellence

Beaumont Hospital is a large academic teaching hospital 5km north of Dublin City centre. They provide emergency and acute care services across 54 medical specialties to a local community of some 290,000 people, while employing over 3,000 staff.

The Challenge

An inefficient filing system at Beaumont hindered healthcare workers who needed to be able to access patient records quickly and easily. Staff reverted to keeping paper records that were stored off-site. If a doctor or nurse needed to see them for a returning patient or if they were needed for a legal claim, then the file had to be physically retrieved from the archive and collected by courier; a time consuming process.

The Solution

With Ergo’s Scan & Index Manager documents were digitised and indexed in Microsoft SharePoint for easy search and retrieval. Implementation was risk-free and well planned because Ergo built the system at its headquarters first, replicating the Beaumont environment off-site before deploying it into the hospital.

The implementation of Ergo’s Scan and Index Manager system has delivered tangible productivity gains and cost savings for Beaumont Hospital. Doctors, nurses and administrators have robust systems that enable them to retrieve files in around 10 seconds compared to 30 minutes with the old system.



How to Apply For The Angila Ruskin University Scholarship

Berman Bedding, Inc. has been in business since 1912. But when this mattress manufacturer started producing medical pads in the 1950s, it realized the need for efficient technology solutions to keep its factories humming. Operations have changed drastically in the last 60 years, and when Berman President Robert Unger realized he couldn’t be the company’s IT guy anymore, he called CMIT Solutions

With so much at stake, they turned to NanoSoft Solutions to handle their IT needs. NanoSoft not only created detailed plan to upgrade MCMS systems, but when an old modem died over a weekend, putting in jeopardy the MCMS e-mail capabilities, it was NanoSoft who came to the rescue. As Christopher Bell from MCMS says:

It’s that 24 hour/7 day a week support and commitment to service that keeps the MCMS from worrying anymore about their IT.