University Applications

Seeing that there is a great number of students applying for a limited number of western universities, we ensure that your application documents make you highly eligible for admission.

Your application documents such as study plan, resume, research plan, reference letters and portfolio can make the crucial difference as to whether you are accepted or not. Therefore, we make sure that all required documents meet standard.

Our team will provide you with detailed advice including how to structure your documents, which of your past experiences to focus on. Also, we will review documents to ensure they meet the high standards we have come to expect of ourselves.

When you are satisfied with your finished documents, our team will take care of the complete application process for you, from filling in the application forms, to dealing directly with our university partners on your behalf. We will also follow up and track your admission with our university partners.


A designated advisor will talk to you and will gain full understanding of your needs and motivation for study as well as your goals. By understanding your goals, your designated advisor will work with you and advice you on options that will be more beneficial to you at the time and in future.

After you have made your decision on school and course of choice, be rest assured that you will apply for courses and schools that will only match your desired goals.

Do you want to achieve your academic goals?

We have Years of experience in guiding and supporting students through their academic journey abroad and we want to see you succeed as well.