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Updated browser name detection for the latest round of browsers. Supports detection and handling of YouTube fragments using the range parameter. Duplicate URL detection extended to take into account the length of time a video may be playing for. Improved audio handling. Improved network monitor installation. Fixed error when recording a stream and the file already exists. When reprocessing a stream the original title is now used. Moved “Browser title naming rule” to top of the rule list in settings.

New installer and splash screen graphics 4. Changed installer message when another version detected. Changed driver and code signing certificate 4. Changes to playlist naming rule due to changes with last. Implemented playlist naming rules when recording. New settings dialog — should be more usable for users on smaller screens Improved version check script Open storage from context menu now selects file Removed RTMP MP4 timing — no longer necessary Hard-coded name in installer for instrumentation 4.

This allows monitoring to continue so existing recordings can progress but no new streams will be detected. Fixed Apple Audio Book conversions Output RTMP connection and play parameters in the progress log when using external program functionality Allow sorting of columns in all list views in settings throughout the application New RTMP setting to rebase timestamps to 0 on the fly.

Implementation of simple duplicate naming rules. Browser cache viewer now supports FF4 Handle RTMP secure Token flex message and start recording Fixed naming rule issue when file name contains an extension which caused a deadlock 4.

Used double buffering on Gallery view to reduce flicker when loading. Improved error reporting for driver installation and licensing failures. If install fails then FAQ window is opened in browser. Fixed issues with smooth streaming and H. Some Rhapsody naming support Stop multiple YouTube downloads by handling the YouTube player requesting a video in segments. This is a new option available through the settings, Download Settings tab and is enabled by default.

Ad blocking implementation. This is a new tab in the settings. It is disabled by default so that Replay Media Catcher will download everything by default. Fixed crash in playlist processing 4. RTMP resume implementation and super download improvements Fixed bug in conversion when the file extension is the same Ensure cant install on Windows Warning balloon on minimize Added ability to pass any detected rtmp connection parameter to an external program.

We do not sell products or services that circumvent digital rights management technologies or technical protection measures for copyrighted works. The RIAA will not come after you as long as you record for your own personal use. File sharing services like Kazaa, Morpheus and the original Napster service put their users at risk, since redistributing copyrighted content or acquiring copyrighted content that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to is illegal, unless you are making a “fair use” or other permissible use of the content.

If you decide to share recordings with others, post them on the Internet, or sell them, do so at your own risk. This is may be breaking the law, unless you are making a “fair use” or other permissible use of the content.

If you are really into the legal aspect of this, there are two important parts of the copyright law relating to recordings. We’ve quoted the actual text of the law below, and highlighted the important parts in red.

This is often used to stop distribution of certain copying programs. Our audio recording features like those in Jaksta Music Recorder, operate by recording what comes out of the PC speakers, using capabilities built into Windows.

Screen video recording features like those is Jaksta Media Recorder work in a similar fashion. And stream capture features like those in Jaksta Media Recorder records what is passed from your network card in an unencrypted fashion. We don’t circumvent any copy protection systems, nor do we claim that our software is designed to circumvent copy protection systems which it isn’t. Below is the important part of the DMCA as it relates to copying and circumventing copy protection systems:.

Short answer: No. The DMCA stands for “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”, which are the guidelines for what you can and cannot copy legally, and how recording products are allowed to work.

We don’t break any encryption, which is at the heart of the DMCA. Some of our stream-capturing software may not work with future protocols as the media owners come up with more sophisticated encryption technologies.

Some customers have reported the capabilities to strip out advertisements from certain TV sites, download full length shows in preview mode and other unintended effects. These capabilities weren’t designed into the software, rather they are a side-effect of how the various media servers are architected. The intent of our products isn’t to enable ad stripping or avoid paying for content.

In addition to our stream capture products, we also offer “analog” recording products. By “analog”, we mean being able to capture video right from the PC’s screen, or audio from the PC’s speakers.

These products will always work with any current or future protocol, since they are functioning completely outside of the network connection. Analog recording products give great results, but not the perfect digital reproductions of stream captured media. Did you just run into a file that has been digitally signed by Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd? If so, please read on.

You will probably notice Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd when clicking to run the file. The publisher name is then displayed as the “Verified publisher” in the UAC dialog as the screenshot shows:.


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