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Version Numbers : Microsoft Windows bit: What exactly does this mean? Theoretically, the bit version of SketchUp should have a better working relationship with your bit computer. Check out this article for more details including things you need to know about installing bit SketchUp. On the Mac, given that all of our supported operating systems are bit, SketchUp is available only in bit. Learn more about OS support here. Face Finder is the code that runs whenever SketchUp automatically creates a face from coplanar edges.

Think for a second about how often that happens. When we tested this sharpened code on large models, we found big performance improvements in operations like Explode and Intersect. For a few years now, we hosted a wildly useful, but not wildly popular Rotated Rectangle extension.

This extension allows you to draw non degree rectangles on the ground. The folks who used this tool found it extremely handy, so we decided to build it into SketchUp with some significant enhancements. Who said SketchUp only does boxes? The point is, now your arcs are up to you. Here are some of the high points:. Styles are an incredibly powerful and fun feature in SketchUp, but very few SketchUp users understand that style choices heavily affect modeling speed.

We went ahead and badged those styles that help SketchUp operate smooth and fast. You can learn more about Fast Styles and how to create your own here. This is a big deal and another proof point of our belief that your data belongs to you.

In particular, SketchUp is the first release where developers have access to and control of information modeling classifications. We also added new API features to allow developers to create licensed extensions. See here for more details. Essentially the Trimble V10 is a super camera that uses GPS and Total Station technology to accurately position and orient multiple photographs.

The combination of the V10 and the processing power of Trimble Business Center lets you bring multiple site photographs directly into SketchUp via an exported SketchUp model with their correct camera positions, orientations and corrected for image distortion; so you don’t need to use any vanishing lines in SketchUp’s Match Photo. Just set up your axes once and you’re ready to use all of your site photographs to generate model geometry.

In order to support the Trimble Vision Technology Integration feature listed above, we made the following enhancements:. We still offer the bit version on Microsoft Windows. We overhauled the label tool! You can now conveniently place beautiful, two-segmentented leader labels that can easily be aligned with other labels to give your drawings a polished, professional appearance.

While we were at it, we made the label tool a lot smarter. Pick an attribute of a dynamic component, a BIM classification type, or simply the area of a face. Because the label tags are auto-text, they will automatically update as you update the model.

We added spell checking to our Windows version. This will only work on Windows 8 and 8. Mac already has this feature. You can now perform actions on more than one layer or page by shift-selecting any number of layers or pages.

We now wait to load vector models until the page is viewed instead of at the time of document load. This offers a performance increase when documents are opened. You can now have connections between entities and auto-text on shared layers.

These include the pdf exporter and the UI and text editor on Windows. Think of it like a private 3D Warehouse, just for building project assets. Trimble Connect is built off the GTeam platform, meaning that it enables sharing, reviewing and commenting in a web browser. Once you download and install the extension, you can:. Trimble Connect is rolling out across the entire Trimble Buildings portfolio of products. From our point of view, this is the first time that design-build stakeholders have had a shared workspace.

Trimble Connect starts with a free trial that gives you one project workspace to tinker with. Help Center. SketchUp Release Notes. November 3, Version Numbers : Microsoft Windows bit: Rotated Rectangle For a few years now, we hosted a wildly useful, but not wildly popular Rotated Rectangle extension.

There are no longer separate licenses for PC and Mac. Single-user and network licenses are now platform independent. Or click the Advanced It is that easy! Check your email, or look up your license using our wizard. Network Licenses License management now happens in the cloud! Network licenses are added the same way single user licenses are added. Or click the Advanced… link, paste in your license information and click Add License. No setup is required by an IT manager to, well, manage the license.

Trimble runs the licensing servers that SketchUp checks in with on startup to make sure you are not exceeding the licensed number of simultaneous users. No more LAN restrictions. Since the license exists in the cloud, the computers using network licenses just need an Internet connection.

Your network will, however, need to allow access to ports and If you need to work offline, you can “check out” a floating license before you go offline for seven days, then return it to the pool of licenses when you get back online. Fast Styles Styles are an incredibly powerful and fun feature in SketchUp, but very few SketchUp users understand that style choices heavily affect modeling speed.

Added the ability to delete all in model materials. We renamed the Plugins menu to Extensions to be more inline with our current naming conventions. This should not break existing plugins. Adding a menu item to the Plugins menu will still work, but that menu item will be added to the Extensions menu instead. Fixed an issue where Intersect with Selection would fail when it should have worked. Fixed an issue that could cause glued components to move when moving other model geometry.

Fixed an issue where Guide lines could fail to display or could display incorrectly in some models. Fixed an issue where the Axes tool could fail to display in some scenes. Improved the error message you see when a component created in a newer version of SketchUp is imported into an older version of SketchUp.

Fixed an issue where Entity Info could display incorrect information when components and groups are selected. Fixed an issue that caused ground shadows for profile edges to sometimes draw incorrectly. Fixed the Measurements toolbar to no longer cut off labels. Changed Entity Info to report the correct value for a polygon perimeter.

Windows: Changed the active component thumbnail displayed at the top of the Components browser to show Dynamic Component and Classified badges. Windows: Fixed an issue where thumbnails for SketchUp models were not visible when using Windows Explorer on bit machines. Mac: Added the ability to export animations using the Theora codec.

Mac: Fixed an issue that caused the BugSplat dialog to not be displayed on some machines. Mac: Fixed an issue where the incorrect scene tab could be highlighted when using the Scenes dialog to select a scene whose scene tab is not visible. Mac: Fixed an issue where you could create blank layers when working in the Layers toolbar. Mac: Fixed an issue where duplicate styles could be created when saving new styles. Mac: Fixed a bug where the Restore Defaults button for animation export was not restoring all defaults.

Mac: Fixed an issue where the files that are shown as available for import were incorrect when switching between import formats. Fixed an issue where, in some models, the Edit menu displayed slowly. Stability Fixed a long-standing crash that could happen when stamping and draping entities. Fixed a crash that could occur when changing Arc segments. Fixed a crash that could occur when dividing a circle and push pulling it. Mac: Fixed a very frequent image-related crash that could occur when working in models many different actions triggered it.

Arc and Pie tools Changed the Arc tools to more easily create fillets Dragging out an arc from an edge now shows a tangent arc colored blue vs a dotted line. Double clicking when the fillet turns magenta completes the fillet. Double clicking on a face near a vertex connecting two edges automatically creates a fillet with the last used radius, allowing you to quickly fillet multiple corners with the same radius.

Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability to click-drag on the first click, allowing the setting of the protractors plane. Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability, after the first click, to inference another object and lock that inference. Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability, when defining the second arc point, to find the intersection between the arc being drawn and an extension from an existing line that intersects it.

Arc and Pie tools: Changed the tools to display a full protractor on tool activation.


Sketchup pro 2015 serial number free download

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Sketchup pro 2015 serial number free download.SketchUp Pro 2015 15.2.687 + Patch,SketchUp Pro 15.2.686 for MAC + crack


I also paid for maintenance and support for the the first year My computer hard drive recently crashed and I lost it, and need to re-download it onto a replacement drive, but SU no longer offers that download version on their site and Support will not help me , only responding that they no longer support it.

They seem to offer no method of getting it back. They want me to buy the latest version, which I would probably do next year. But I liked Pro just fine and should have the right to still use it; I do not wish to pay for upgrade at this time. Any advice, or any sources out there??

SketchUp is the oldest version available from SketchUp. You are right to be concerned about downloading programs from other sites because they often do have malware and other not pleasant stuff added. Yes I did try to get data recovered off old hard drive.

A great deal of it was corrupted. I actually had a back-up I had made of my old drive before it crashed, on to a portable hard drive. Did you still have a copy of the original downloaded installer? That would have been the thing to look for. SketchUp Pro Windows bit version I recently also had a HDD failure last summer. I had a new SDD installed to replace it. The tech managed to save all files but said I would have to download and reinstall all the applications other than the OS and related.

I just looked and there are installers in my downloads folder. SU is there. Thank you. I am working on taxes right now but I hope to look for installer files on old back-up of hard drive and try this soon.

I just wish they SU would honor their paying customers for more than 2 years with version re-loads……. I found this thread because I was in your exact same boat… up a creek without a paddle thanks to Sketchup not supporting customers that legally purchase their product. I have a paid license for Pro and my computer crashed last week. I received the same run around by tech support. Their actual response was to come to forums and see if someone had a copy I could download.

You lost any future money from my pockets! I make it a point to save this data for all important installed software and keep an additional copy in the cloud for scenarios just like this.

This has saved my bacon more than a few times. This topic was automatically closed 91 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Downloading a licensed copy – pro version no longer supported? Did you try to have the data recovered off the old hard drive.


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