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Length: minutesIn this quick edit of a street photograph, learn how to use a number of adjustments in Capture One Pro. capture one keystone tool. Learn about the new features in Capture One Radial and Linear Gradients, Luminosity Masking, re-designed user interface, plug-ins and much more!

Capture One Pro Tutorial – Software Tutorial with Pratik Naik – PRO EDU


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Tutorials – Capture One


Length: Learn more about what tethered capture is, and how you can use it in your workflow. Length: minutes Learn capture one pro 12 tutorials free download Style Brushes and читать больше Skin Tone Tool can help you easily fine-tune and even out skin tones.

Street photography edit Length: minutes In this quick edit of a street photograph, learn how to use a number of adjustments in Capture One Pro.

Keystone Length: With an AI-driven automatic keystone, you can straighten vertical and horizontal lines in architecture, interior, and more in just one click — microsoft office home and 2010 vs 2016 even batch edit multiple images at once. Capture One Live Length: minutes Our newest service is designed to make remote, real-time collaboration easier than ever before.

Working across time zones? No problem. Panorama Stitch Length: minutes Create stunning panorama perspectives, achieve super-resolution, or get creative with the Panorama Stitch tool. Wireless Tethering for Canon Length: minutes Tether по этой ссылке Canon cameras over a wireless network, or even via a network cable. With Wireless Tethering you need one less cable on set.

Control the size, location and more. Length: minutes Learn how to build your own workspace. Add custom tool узнать больше, and remove tools you rarely use. Dehaze Length: minutes In this tutorial, see how to adjust the contrast in hazy, foggy or misty parts of your photo with the Dehaze tool.

Use modifier keys to improve the workflow and flexibility. Length: minutes Color grade using the Color Balance Tool and apply to Layers for optimal flexibility. Length: minutes Import your Lightroom catalog to Capture One or learn how to make a smaller catalog to import.

Length: minutes Styles are a great way to add a predefined look to your photos, or give you a starting point to adjust further. Length: minutes Learn all you need to start editing your photos in Capture One Express.

Let Capture One Auto Adjust for you, or use the simple but powerful tools to take control. Length: minutes Get familiar with the interface.

Learn how to navigate, find the tools you need and use the sliders efficiently. Length: minutes Learn how to import your first photos capture one pro 12 tutorials free download Capture One. Use Groups and Albums to organize your photos better. Length: minutes Learn how to adjust colors using the Color Editor. Apply to Capture one pro 12 tutorials free download and create masks from color selections.

Length: minutes Learn how Layers work, how to create them, and how to mask them. Apply adjustments locally. Landscape edit Length: minutes Learn some essential techniques for editing your Landscape photos.

Including the Magic Brush, Linear Gradients and more! Length: minutes Get started with the most basic adjustments of image editing.

Learn about white balance, exposure, crop and much more. Use Radial Masks for selective vignettes and use other masks for controlling exposure. Exposure and contrast Length: minutes Learn about the various ways in which you can adjust exposure and contrast in Capture One. Portrait edit Length: minutes Correcting skin tones and color grading your portrait photos is a simple and rapid task.

Learn how to do this and work with Layers, in this short tutorial. Crop and rotate Length: minutes Learn how to crop, rotate and straighten your photos. Length: minutes Learn how to quickly edit a Landscape photo, with ease, in Capture One Express.

Healing and Cloning Length: Length: Use dedicated heal and clone brushes to help retouch photos and remove unwanted objects and artefacts. Speed Edit Length: Speed Edit allows you to edit images without вот ссылка to click the sliders in the interface.

This allows for a rapid and immersive workflow. Wildlife editing in Capture One Express Length: In this tutorial we will show you capture one pro 12 tutorials free download to edit a wildlife photo, enhancing details and contrast. Length: minutes Capture one pro 12 tutorials free download your tethered workflow. Create additional Capture Folders to organize your shoot and create Templates for future shoots. Length: minutes Learn how to batch rename images using two different methods matching any workflow.

Length: minutes Learn how to customize the extensive set of keyboard shortcuts available capture one pro 12 tutorials free download Capture One. An essential tool for still-life photography. Length: minutes Learn how to set up Capture Pilot and use it as a remote control for your tethered camera or as a wireless monitor to view and tag images.

Length: minutes Annotations let you draw directly on your images. Hide or include Annotations as a separate layer when exporting.


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