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Affinity designer guides ipad free

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Master Affinity Apps with Official Tutorials and Resources

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In this class, you will learn how to use Affinity Designer to create beautiful, textured florals and leaves right on your iPad. Designer is a vector based. Watch tutorial and quick tip videos for the fastest, smoothest and most precise creative software. After using Affinity Designer on iPad, I can confidently say that there aren’t many apps of a similar echelon in the App Store.


Affinity designer guides ipad free.The 13 Best iPad Drawing Apps of 2022


You can also learn about the Slice Tool and the Slices Studio in this section. The video tutorials are also available from the Welcome screen in Affinity Designer for iPad, we hope you find them useful. Let us know what you think of them on our Twitter or Facebook channels! We will be providing video tutorials like these for our other apps and versions when they are updated in the coming months.

The rotation handle found on each object can be used to rotate items on the project canvas. The closer you are to an object, the faster and less precise the rotation. Conversely, when rotating further away from an object, the rotation will be slower and more precise. Combine rotation with a single-finger modifier to rotate every 15 degrees. Perform a horizontal swipe on the stroke and fill colors inside the Color Studio to quickly swap between the two.

Select an object, choose the Color Picker from the tool bar, and long press on the object containing the color that you wish to use. The color that is displayed in the outer circle of the color picker is the color that will be selected.

Boolean operations are some of the most powerful vector illustrations tools, as they allow you to use multiple shapes to create other unique shapes. The boolean toolset can be found inside the Edit menu, allowing users to Add, Subtract, Intersect, Divide, or Combine on more more shapes. Affinity Designer contains a bevy of export options, affording it the kind of flexibility that graphic artists demand.

However, if you just want to quickly export and share your work, you can use the quick drag and drop export functionality found inside the Export panel. Simply drag and drop a desired file type into a valid location, such as an email, and Affinity Designer will quickly export your work for immediate sharing. Like its sister app, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer for iPad is a huge get for iPad users who desire professional apps with little to no compromises.

I find that it serves as a great companion app to use with the Mac version of Affinity Designer while away from the office. As you can see from our video walkthrough, developer Serif has focused heavily on incorporating gesture-based control in Affinity Designer.

To celebrate the launch of Designer for iPad, Serif has dropped the price of all four of its popular apps:. Include unlimited instances of the same object across your work. Edit one and the rest update instantly. Get a live pixel preview of your work so you know exactly how your vectors will export in raster format.

Or switch to outline view to see all those beautiful curves. Enjoy full text capabilities, including OpenType and text styles. If you wish to get in touch just drop us an email at affinity serif.

For more information on how to install Affinity updates , visit this page. Knowledge is power. Affinity Designer Video tutorials.


Affinity Designer for iPad: 20+ getting started tips and tricks [Video] – 9to5Mac

Or switch to outline view to see all those beautiful curves. Include unlimited instances of the same object across your work.

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