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Over time, these cache folders may use up your system resources and you may want to delete the folders to optimize the resources. The cache folder has the temporary cache created for all the opened project, however, it is not permanent that the cache for the opened project always stays even if the project is closed or crashed unexpectedly.

The recommended option is to enable Generate Project Backup, which can save the work if something happens unexpectedly to the project. It is recommended to save your project locally. For more information, see the forum discussion on this topic. To delete multiple project cache folders, use the Clear Cache application. This application lists all the Adobe Captivate project cache folders on the system along with the corresponding project name, size, status of the project opened or closed , date modified, and cache size.

Using this information, you can decide which cache folders you want to delete and quickly delete multiple cache folders with a single click. Download dcache. After the installation, the Clear Cache Application opens and lists all the project cache folders in the default cache location.

To view the cache folders in a different location on your system, click Browse, and navigate to the location of the folder. To delete a cache folder, select the check box that corresponds to the folder and click Clear. To delete all the folders, click Select All, and then click Clear. Please note that currently opened projects cannot be selected for deletion. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy.

User Guide Cancel. Edit project preferences. Edit project information. Author: Name of the author or authors of the project. Company: Name of the company or organization responsible for the content in the document. E-mail: E-mail address for the company or, if appropriate, of your customer service department. Website: Website address of the company. Copyright: Copyright information for your project.

Project Name: A distinct and descriptive name for your project. Description: Short description of the contents of the project. Change project size and quality. Settings: Indicates the quality of the published SWF file.

When you choose High, Medium, or Low, Adobe Captivate uses its internal settings to set the quality of the file. Files of a higher quality are compressed to a lesser extent, and therefore might be of a greater file size. You can customize the options for quality when you move the slider to the Custom level. Retain Slide Quality Settings: Retains the slide quality settings defined in the Property inspector of the slide. BMP: Determines the image quality of bitmaps screenshots generated during recording.

Reducing the image quality reduces the file size but can affect the quality of the color in the images. Any bitmap files that you have inserted in the project are also affected. JPEG images are detailed and contain many colors, so greatly lowering their quality is not advised.

Audio: Determines the quality of audio files used in the project. Audio files are converted to mp3 format before they are published. A file with higher quality does not affect the file size drastically but significantly improves the audio quality. Advanced Project Compression: Enables Adobe Captivate to take into account only the difference between two slides instead of publishing both the slides. The compression reduces the size of the published project.

Change project publish settings. You can even write a custom message as to why that view is not available. For a blank project:. Define how a project starts and ends. Auto Play: The movie starts playing as soon as it is downloaded. If you want the movie to play only after the user clicks the Play button, deselect this option. You can display an image until the user starts playing the movie.

Click Browse If you do not select an image, the first slide of the movie is displayed. Preloader: You can add a loading screen to the beginning of your project. A loading screen is useful if the first slide of the project is large or contains audio and takes a few moments to appear. Adobe Captivate includes predefined loading screen images that you can use. Also, you can create a custom image to use as a loading screen. You can also create a SWF file to use as a loading screen. You can use these files as templates to create your own SWF file.

After the required portion of SWF file has been downloaded, the preloader disappears, and the SWF file starts playing. Password Protect Project: Password that users must enter before they can view the project. In the adjacent box, type the correct password to be used by users to successfully view the project. Click Options to specify the following: Message: The message that is displayed to users to explains what they must do when prompted to type a password.

Retry Message: The message to be displayed when users enter an incorrect password. Button Text: The text that is displayed on the button that the users click in order to continue viewing the project. Project Expiry Date Expiry date for the project.

Click Calendar to choose a date. In the adjacent text box, specify the message to be displayed to users when the project expires. When a project expires, it can no longer be viewed. Action Click the menu and select an action to take place at the end of the project. Stop Project Stops the project after it plays once. Loop Project Continuously plays the project. Close Project Closes the movie after it stops playing.

To load a file, click the browse icon, browse to the file, select the file, and click Open. To reuse a script from a file, copy the script onto the clipboard and paste it into the JavaScript window. Open Another Project Opens another project after the movie stops playing. Click the browse icon, browse to the project file with the extension. Click the inverted arrow icon to select the window in which to display the file, then choose Current, New, Parent, or Top.

Audio of Object 2 is played for 8 seconds and then Adobe Captivate checks if there is any other audio at that point 8th second in the Timeline. In this case, there is no audio to be played at the 8th second.

Therefore, audio of Object 1 is not played. Audio of object 1 is played for 4 seconds. A check at 4th second indicates that the audio of object is for 4 more seconds. So, the audio of second object is played from the beginning. Case 1: Object Audio is present from seconds and Slide Audio is present at the same time. Case 2: Object Audio is present from seconds and slide audio is present at the same time. Object Audio is played for 4 seconds, then slide audio for 8 seconds, then the remaining slide duration background audio is played.

For example, consider that two videos are present on a single slide with the following durations on the timeline:. Video that is lower in the z-order is played first. For example, consider that Video1 is present on a slide from seconds and Video2 is also present on the same slide from seconds. When Video 2 is present lower in the z-order, Video 2 is played for 12 seconds and the Video1 is never played.

When Video1 is present lower in the z-order, Video1 is played for 8 seconds and then Video2 is played until the slide duration. To learn more about Captivate and how you can create engaging learning content, download the following projects:. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. Get update now! Asset Panel not loading in Adobe Captivate release? Read More to find a solution. On the window, click Next. If the project is responsive, you can see the following dialog:.

If the project is blank or non-responsive, you can see the following dialog:. To publish the project, click Publish. After publishing, do the following:. Publishing projects as apps to devices. Choose Publish for Devices App from Publish menu. Note: You can follow the same steps in responsive and non-responsive projects. A dialog appears as follows:. Refer to Create certificates and generate key section for more information.

Click Publish to publish the output as apps for devices. Create certificates and generate key. Create certificates for iOS Refer to the apple developer support site and create an app developer certificate. Refer to the instructions on the PhoneGap build site to convert the certificates into supported P12 format and upload the certificates. Generate keys for Android Refer to the instructions on the PhoneGap build site to generate and upload keys to PhoneGap build. If you remove preferences of Adobe Captivate, then you have to create certificates again.

Unsupported objects in HTML5 output. The following objects and slides are not published in the HTML5 output:. Text and SWF animations only the first frame is visible. Mouse click animations only one default click effect is supported. Slide transitions. Slide background if a SWF file is used.

Audio attached to invisible objects. HTML5 output is supported only on the following browsers:. Internet Explorer 9 or later Safari 5. Best practices for creating Adobe Captivate projects for iPads. Use the recommended project resolutions presets for iPad.

Avoid overlapping audio in the project. If at all you need overlapping audio, read the article Adobe Captivate audio for iPad.

In general, do not have too many overlapping media especially very short ones for movies that have to run on IOS devices.


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Apr 26,  · Adobe Captivate creates a DOC file that preserves all the formatting from the text captions. While the text captions are in DOC format, you can make text and formatting changes in a word-processing program. Then you can import the text captions back into the Adobe Captivate project using the following steps. Jun 18,  · Download 1,,+ premium assets from the new Adobe Stock Free Collection. Creative Cloud – Adobe CC Download Links – ALL Languages [U PDATE (Oct. ) – Some of these links still work to download the old CC installers. If you’re looking for direct links to the newest versions, then see this post.]. Introducing the biggest ever free update for Adobe Captivate ( release) users. Create beautiful, mobile-ready courses in minutes with the all-new Quick Start Projects, ready-to-go slides and out-of-the-box interactions. Speed up course creation using automated branching and by copying appearance and style of one object and applying it to.

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