Our services


Our Overseas Study Advisor's will guide you on what course and University will best suit you.


Our Overseas Study Advisor's will assist in your University application and submission (including follow up and tracking).


Our Overseas Study Advisor's will give you expert visa assistance including completion and submissions .


Our Overseas Study Advisor's have helped many students & will assist you with all your pre-departure needs.

Everything you need to secure admission any where in the world.

We help students chat a career path

Shape Career

Our work just doesn’t end with helping students get admission, we stay help with the necessary logistics to get you settled in.

We offer services that are tailored to help prospective students achieve their vision, so we provide them with continuous academic advice and counselling not only to continue in the spirit of academic excellence which Binea Education stands for but also to drive their dreams.

How we do it

  • For every student, we provide them with vital study counseling on what to do and also counseling in respect of their course and university of choice. Our group of expert advisers in oversees study guide students through making the right study choices that will best suit them.

  • We also ensure we lend our students a helping hand by handling all travel procedures which includes: study application, submission of application, visa application, and flight reservation where necessary. We conduct continuous follow-up through the admission procedures and ensure that our students get the best admission to our partner universities.

  • We make sure we give pro notices to our partnering universities in other to make sure they are being updated on each step of Nigeria’s educational development in regards to grades for schooling opportunities.

  • As an organization that strives for excellence, we are detailed in executing our functions without leaving any stone unturned.